Commercial Consultants (UK) Ltd give all their clients designated consultants to aid them through the Recruitment Process.

Commercial Consultants (UK) Ltd understands that our clients prefer a designated consultant to aid them through the recruitment process. Every employer’s ultimate goal is to find quality candidates. Commercial Consultants (UK) Ltd is constantly investing in and improving its systems for sourcing candidates. We have an in-house data base, supported by off-line advertising (trade magazines) and extensive online advertising both in the UK and globally.

The vetting system we use for each candidate follows strict guidelines rigorously maintained through designated office managers. We believe in Thinking Locally and Delivering Nationally to give all of our clients the best service that we can, no matter where you are located within the UK. With specialists within the Engineering sectors, we have dedicated members of our team to take good care of your vacancies.

Our Values

At Commercial Consultants, we know that we can have a momentous impact on businesses that we serve through the advice, insights and solutions that we are able to provide. Due to this, we work under a strict ethical code, whether we are working with clients, candidates or colleagues, we always treating our relationships with great care and professionalism. Our service is focused on guaranteeing we provide total delivery commitment, ensuring that our reputation is grown organically.
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Honest and Professional Consultancy

We know that an organisation’s culture has a huge impact in its ability to set out and achieve its strategic objectives. We know executive staff that treats culture as a key area of the business in line with its strategy are able to create an advantage to their business when they are able to create a strong culture throughout the business which ensures all are aligned in terms of achieving strategic objectives.

We are able to attract the highest calibre of individuals for any executive role, therefore we always work to the highest professional standards possible. We recognise our responsibilities and we take them seriously. Any information we gain is treated with the utmost respect and in confidence and our international team is able to advise and consult honestly and professionally to ensure we endeavour to provide the best quality service.

Exceeding all, we value quality. The excellency of the service we offer our clients and candidate’s is second to none. We are driven by client focus, and have unrivalled connections and contacts with the people and organisations who matter around the world. With our culture shaping experts, we therefore help our clients create strategic and meaningful changes to the culture of their organisation in order to improve performance and efficiencies.